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Wise Blood is the project of Chris Laufman, originally from Pittsburgh and now living in New York.  His music is broken electro-gospel pop full of samples and layers that you’ll need headphones to fully appreciate.  Although somewhat obscure upon first listen, the songs have great composition that make it possible to dance to every song or just sit in a chair outside alone and rock your head.  The songs are fairly short, but the mysterious story they create ventures far past two minutes.  The video for “B.I.G. E.G.O.”  is a great intro to Wise Blood and the nod of David Parker to direct it is a show of his talent.


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Look for the new Wise Blood EP titled These Wings coming out in the next month from Dovecote Records as they are putting together the final mixes.

Get a sneak peek of These Wings by downloading “@fucktwitter” here and “penthouse suites” here.

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