Spanish Prisoners - Downtown Chicagoland

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There’s a lot that goes into creating a song, few would argue that.  The creative choices are endless and in the end decisions have to be made.  Spanish Prisoners are a unique band in that they are somewhat compulsive perfectionists when it comes to songwriting.  I can only imagine what goes into a creative session with this group.

SP just recently released the single Downtown Chicagoland from their debut album Gold Fools along with two alternate versions.  The three versions of this song show the major differences that subtle choices make in the end and that if there is a strong songwriting foundation that it is hard to be wrong.

“This is the last song on the record but its actually one of our favorites- it was hard to get right though, maybe thats why we recorded it three times!” – Leo Maymind of Spanish Prisoners

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“Based around this vintage synth that my bandmate Mike and I bought randomly one day on Craigslist called the Korg pe1000.”

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“A more full band version we did with a lot of overdubs that’s got some good ol fashioned tape saturation and compression to it.”

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In true DIY indie fashion, Spanish Prisoners have Make Our Vantasy Come True, a Kickstarter campaign, to  purchase a van to tour in. With a donation they are giving you the opportunity to go on a virtual tour with them.  Along with lots of great physical merch the band will share one song recorded in the van every day from March 7-31st with the Kickstarter backers.  You’ll also get photos, videos and journal entries along the way. This project will only be funded if enough money is raised by Thursday, Feb 23rd so get on it. SP had one of my favorite albums from last year and 2012 will be even bigger for Leo, Amberly, Mike, and James.




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