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Spanish Prisoners have just released their debut LP titled Gold Fools.  This Brooklyn based band creates dreamy psych-pop rock that is catchy on the surface with a complexity that needs to be listened to carefully.  The single, Rich Blood, is a beautiful dreamy nugget that elegantly calls out the extravagance of the elite upper class.  It’s a song that really strikes a chord given the current climate of the Occupy Wall St. movement and the idea of the 99% vs. the elite 1%.  “Summer houses on both coasts / Somehow it’s not enough.”  A lot of the songs from Gold Fools have a likeness to David Bowie, Portugal the Man or what MGMT was trying to do before their original concept was overshadowed by the catchiness of Kids.  You’d be a fool not to recognize that you’re listening to audible gold.  You can download the two singles below, but you should purchase the album for $5 direct from bandcamp.

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