Psychic Dancehall

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San Diego isn’t a half bad place for music although the area does not retain a ton of musical talents and they usually take flight to the allure of Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and beyond.  A city full of transplants, if you go to any professional football or baseball game in San Diego there are likely more people rooting for the visiting team than the home team.  This past Friday I got to see Cults and Guards at Soda Bar, both prime examples of bands with San Diego ties that moved out and are blowing up.  When one door closes, another opens.  Enter Dorian Wartime and Sylvia Innocent, the couple behind Psychic Dancehall.  The two moved above a theatre in the San Diego area in January of 2010 and began recording music as an honest expression of their love.  Their sound consists of synth, reverb, and breathy raw vocals to create a space of mysterious beauty.  The song “A Love That Kills” reminds me of Crocodiles’ “I Wanna Kill” – San Diego bands and Kill in the song title…what gives?

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You should be able to pick up their latest offering in the Dreamers LP on Art Fag Recordings real soon.


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