SAID Gallery Presents: West/MidWest

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This show we are very excited for. There is a new space in town and it’s The SAID Gallery in downtown Encinitas. It’s been long overdue that Encinitas harbored a space this fucking cool.

Vivid Minds live here, a collective of next level creatives wrangled together by founder/owner/creativedirector Brent Lievsay. The space downstairs is straight up Williamsburg, not just in look, but in stone-cold coolness and artistic energy. It has been creative center to artist Ryan Maher who has been working on a few amazing pieces that are sure to draw attention. Ryan is only one of the eight renowned artists showing at SAID opening on the 31st of August. If you haven’t been exposed to the art/design of Adam Jafry (poster designer), Ariel Diaz, and Kyle Fletcher, or the music of The Mattson 2 to name a few, we strongly recommend you check out the show.


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