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Peer Kusiv has a natural ability to transform a simple song by sprinkling it with his own unique blend of electronic super dust. His taste in music is impeccable. He extracts the catchiest pieces of a song and adds his own sounds to create a seamless track-the listener unable to decipher where his added elements intertwine with the original. A German producer from the Northern city of Kiel, Peer pulls from a variety of musical influences including a mix of classical, jazz, world music, dance and pop.

His 2012 debut album, ‘Nature & Techno’ is a lyric-less journey through eclectically influenced electronic deep house – it’s relaxed and emotional yet upbeat and optimistic. His new ‘Promomix 2013’ reveals a more mature, faster-paced version of Peer’s previous body of work. I check in on Peer’s work religiously, always sure to listen to the new tracks he posts and always looking forward to the next. Through his remixes I’ve discovered incredible new artists and tracks- The Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go’ and through his remix ‘She Said No’, the discovery of Israeli singer, Asaf Avidan, amongst other favorites.

We can’t wait to see where his path will lead him next and we are so honored to share a glimpse into the world of this young budding talent…

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WT: When were you first drawn to electronic music and when did you start playing around with your own creations?

PK: Actually pretty funny because I was drawn to electronic music through Paul Kalkbrenner and my older brother. At that time I was producing Hip-Hop and thought electronic music was awful. Around 2008 I started making electronic music.

WT: Was there a specific point that you remember that it really clicked and you knew you were creating something special?

PK: No…I’ve been making music for approximately 10 years. Electronic music for about 4-5 years. It was a steady process for me. I’m constantly learning new things concerning production techniques. I know that I am producing music that can keep up in terms of sound but this development is beyond my wildest dreams.

WT: Do you have a favorite place you’ve played at or is there a specific setting that you’re drawn towards playing in?

PK: I was already and will play again a few times in Amsterdam. The Dutch are real Techno fanatic people. The parties over there are always something special. The organization, the line up and of course the crowd. They are really crazy over there and I am very much looking forward to my gigs in Amsterdam.

WT: I can imagine that your style is always evolving and this is an issue that arises with many DJs, but how do you manage to stay true to the music that you really want to play while also managing the expectations of the venues that hire you to play?

PK: Since the beginning I have mostly stayed true to the same kind of music. Of course I try out some stuff here and there but basically I adjusted little and stay with my style. That’s how I perceive it, therefore it is not difficult for me to play live because I play my own tracks. I am booked to play my sound and that’s exactly what the organizers and most importantly the guests get.

WT: You have an incredible ear for pulling tracks from a variety of different genres and remixing them with a very unique and distinguishable style…is it typically the song that inspires you or more specifically, is there a creative process that you seem to typically follow?

PK: First of all thanks a lot! Well now and then I search the internet for new samples with which I would be interested to do a remix. That’s the reason why the inspiration with my edits clearly comes from the tracks that I remix. With my own tracks the process is more or less the same. I start with a melody and then add audio track after audio track until I think it is enough for a whole track…then I start arranging the components which is pretty much a diligent but routine piece of work. So basically for me producing a track starts with a creative phase and ends with something that might be called “work”. However arranging the track doesn’t mean it´s a shitty job, it is of course still fun.

WT: What / who has been your primary influence and where do you seek out inspiration?

PK: I have to admit that I don’t listen to electro a lot and furthermore I don’t know very much about the scene. However I would say guys like Marek Hemman, Stephan Bodzin and of course Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner definitely inspired me. My actual influence derives mostly from other music genres. My family listened a lot of classical music and jazz for which I am very thankful for because it provided me with a different view of music.

WT: What are you most afraid of?

PK: I think I am mostly afraid of death. Actually fear is exaggerated, I just think it would suck to die now because I still have so many things to look forward to and so much that I want to experience in my life. Alone in a forest at night…that’s where I would be most afraid. J

WT: Where are you headed next? Any plans for a N. American appearance?

PK: Munich, Zurich and Amsterdam are my gigs in April. Nothing is planned yet for North America but I would love to play a gig for you guys!

WT: Is there a place (specific venue or setting) that you dream about playing in?

PK: Yeah, New York City…that would be amazing.

WT: Have you set your sights on something, in any facet of your life for the future that you’d like to share?

PK: Stay alert, I am pretty sure many exciting things will happen this year and I am very curious to find out where my journey will take me…

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Free download of Peer’s debut album, “Natur & Tekno” available here.

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