Music Monday: The New Division

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The musical influences of New Order and Joy Division have been strong on every generation of music that has come after them. Whether you prefer Joy Division or what became New Order after the death of Ian Curtis, the heavy hand that these two bands have in today’s music is undeniable. Aptly named, The New Division took these influences head on to forge their sound…no faking or side-stepping where they draw from. It’s the band for those of us who wish we could travel back in time to see Joy Division and New Order before they blew up.  Riverside, California’s The New Division is John Kunkel (vocals), Brock Woolsey (guitars), Janzie (synths), and Mark Michaslki (synths).

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Go buy New Division’s The Rookie over at their bandcamp, tell them what you think on facebook, and look for them coming to a city near you.

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