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Two hours outside of Berlin in the city of Hamburg Germany, lives Jacob Groening. Jacob teamed up with Daniel Wilhelm in 1998 to make Tanzen hilft! 2 DJ’s – eine Idee! Das ist “Tanzen hilft!”. Tanzen Hilft, fittingly means dancing helps.

Today we are focusing on Jacob’s solo set, Chairoplane 011. I came upon this set this last year and I haven’t been able to shake it from my mind. It begins slow and ambient, as though the soundtrack to a thoughtful foreign film. From here we build slowly, and eleven minutes in we are taken into a series of beats and piano that finally settles into a pulsing set, slower in bpm but so delicate and heartfelt. Vincenzo’s voice warms us further into the hour and a half set, and we are off, our heads nodding all the way.

Download the set below for free and make sure to visit Jacob and Daniel’s Soundcloud pages below for hours of unreal music.


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