Georgiaa - Postcards and Polaroids

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I’m going to share with you my fantasy date night.  We’re in a park-like setting on private acreage seated on a simple, rustic picnic bench amongst the willow trees.  A gas lantern lights the smile of my utterly beautiful and intelligent date.  We casually pass our tall glasses of wine from hand to hand to sneak a bite from the cheese plate on the table.  Ferran Adria, the famous Spanish chef of El Bulli, is working his magic in an outdoor kitchen complete with wood fired oven for our private dinner.

But the most important aspect of my stupid fantasy date is the music.  A young Danish man named Mathias Anderson is playing a private table side show, lavishly showering us in his dark lo-fi romanticism.  He goes by the name Georgiaa and has instantly won us both over.  My date will most likely be going home with this Mathias character and I’ll be walking home alone listening to his music the whole way.

We first featured Georgiaa back in July, long before we knew about recent favorites of many Youth Lagoon.  In their lo-fi pop fashion both Georgiaa and Youth Lagoon offer up soothing and mysterious lyrics, classical keyboard, drum machines, and ostinati guitars.  To see both of these artists play together would be amazing.  While we’ve seen YL become the darlings of the music world, Georgiaa has remained relatively unknown and released the track Postcards and Polaroids for free on Bandcamp months before I re-visited his site yearning for more of what I loved about The Lake EP.  Hopefully Mathias will continue in his path making great music and gathering the acclaim to catapult him into the upper music echelon of 2011 where Georgiaa belongs.

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In case you missed Georgiaa’s previous release The Lake EP, check it out below.

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