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Craft Spells‘ debut album, Idle Labor, was written entirely by Justin Vallesteros in his bedroom.  He recorded and composed songs for two years before moving to Seattle and adding three new bandmates in Javier Suarez, Jack Doyle Smith and Peter Michel.  Although Idle Labor‘s unique sound is solely the labor of Vallesteros, there is no shortage of musical talent and creativity amongst the band.  Not just talent in playing but two of these guys have great side projects going on.  Now that these other young talents are in the mix, I’m expecting some great things that compliment the sound of Craft Spells in Idle Labor, yet explore new areas.


Jack Doyle Smith (CS Bass Player) goes by iamSELKIE and has a track called Earth.
Latest tracks by iamSELKIE

Javier Suarez (CS Guitar) goes by Gathered Ghosts and has a track called Desert Mind.
Desert Mind by Gathered Ghosts

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