Freshair April Mixtape: April is Calling

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Coming from a place of the deepest inspiration, I may have jumped out of body to make this April Mixtape. I have been feeling some of these tracks for awhile, searching for a place to let them free. Tonight I found it. As I hope my prior mixes have shown, I believe that different parts of the day require different vibes of music. This is where the skill of a dj really comes in. Right music at the right place and time. I dream of creating the ideal soundtrack to my life…to our lives.  So, when you are ready to listen, open up the windows and let the freshair in. Perhaps it will provide the perfect setting to get your night going or possibly work best through a pair of headphones as a musical massage for your brain as you wind it down. Regardless of where this is for you, let these tracks take you to the place where less is most.

The main inspiration behind this mix was from the soundtrack and film ‘Berlin Calling’.  This movie has changed the way I hear music and for some reason, I kind of knew it would. Download the mix, watch the opening scene and rent the movie if you feel so inspired. Go ahead, listen UP…April is calling.

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If you haven’t already, download the mix from soundcloud by clicking here or clicking on the little arrow to the right of the soundcloud bar above. And check out the clip from Berlin Calling below.


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