DJ Shadow ft. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak

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Saying I’ve been a follower of DJ Shadow since his trailblazing 1997 album Preemptive Strike would be understatement. I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the best records in my collection of one of my favorite artists. Hence, naturally his latest album The Mountain Will Fall has been spinning on my iTunes for a while now.

Nobody Speak is one of the highlights of the new LP published June 24th 2016, but it was only two weeks ago that the music video for the track was released.

The master doesn’t disappoint—cast, idea and execution are nothing short of epic. I would love the idea of taking this form of politics to our election campaigns and parliaments to settle some unresolved issues. Well, violence we have enough already—let’s stick with the battle rap.

Piggy for president!


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Igor Tsyshkevich / USA
Ian Bailey / UK
Vika Akentyeva / Portugal
Vladimir Arhipov / Germany
Anna Bezmenova / France
Vadim Bezverhniy / The Republic of Ireland
Denis Bondarev / India
Oleg Burov / Sweden
Lena Cherevko / Cleaner
Valeriy Kozarchuk / Turkey
Vlad Kunitsin / Ukraine
Irina Lifshits / China
Sasha Maltsev / Austria
Andrey Maslov Lisichkin / Canada
Denis Voronkov / Turkey
Natalya Yurchishina / Finland

Director: Sam Pilling
Producer: Arlene McGann
Executive Producers: Sarah Park, Sarah Boardman, Amit Nerurkar & Chris McIlvenny
DP: David Procter
Edit: Ellie Johnson @Speade
Colour: Simon Bourne @Framestore
Online: Katie Rhodes @Framestore
Sound: Henning Knoepfel @Sound Tree
Production: Pulse Films
Service Company: Radioaktive
Casting Ukraine: Nika Bondar
Casting UK: Kharmel Cochrane
Service Producer: Olya Kosenko
Stunt Coordinator: Illia Iurchyshyn
Production Manager / 1st AD: Andrew Morozov
Production Assistant: Anna Lee
Art Director: Sergey Vinnichuk
Prop Master: Dominika Elfimona
Wardrobe: Dasha Filshyna
Artist Wardrobe: Liene Dobraja
NY Producer: Zach Kislevitz
Label: Mass Appeal Records

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