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Jack of all trades, master of none.  This expression has no pertinence to Dillon Morton as a young artist, designer, DJ, and clothing line owner.  Originally from Portland, Dillon is now a Colorado resident attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I came across Dillon’s designs because he did the cover artwork for Flashlight’s EP which was featured last week.  I sent the link to his site over to my Denver friend, Ryan, who in true scene fashion said “That’s my homie fool.”  What a small, marvelous world it is.  His artwork is sophisticated and elementary, clean and sloppy.  His designs are relevant yet more advanced than the other album artwork (this isn’t simply putting text on top of a photo) out there right now.  His music has a great electronic energy and I’m LUSTing for more, Ed Banger take notice.  Then there’s the clothing line.  When I think of it, this post could have been 4 separate posts.  That’s what our genius features are all about.  Dillon Morton is a Jack of all trades, master of all.



Music as LUST:

Download his 4-song EP Night: 1 EP and become a fan on LUST’s facebook.

Fake Diamonds Clothing:

Fake Diamonds Website and Blog.

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