Public Domaine Exhibition: La Gaite Lyrique

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Public Domaine is an exhibition at La Gaîté lyrique in Paris, France that focuses on the skateboard featuring art, film, and installations.  The artists, familiar to many, were hand chosen as those have put their own unique mark on skateboarding culture.  The exhibition runs from June 18th until August 7th.
From La Gaîté lyrique:
La Gaîté lyrique has taken the cliché of an underground and marginalized culture bodily, transforming R-1 (exhibition space) into a “bunker of the rebellion”. Underground as a place, underground as these artists can be.
Every artist presented works in a different discipline: film, graphic design, contemporary art… But they all meet at one point: they have transformed the skateboard into a medium of confrontation, of communication, through which they document a certain urban malaise, magnetized by the enticing throb of the underground. At R-1, in the small hall, a selection of films focuses on those who have used the skateboard as a medium of artistic expression. In these works, the board is reinterpreted as an object, serving to confront the public at large, reveling in the explosive character of its own nature.”
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