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Pyschospa is a series of photographs by Russian husband and wife duo, Sonia and Mark Whitesnow. We came across these on Mashkulture and couldn’t help re-post these. It’s really amazing how they evoked these creatures from natural elements. A true forward study in Make-up and prop design/costume.

Ironic world of Psychospa, the world which reflects a modern man living in a metropolis, unsociable and full of fears and anxieties but “attracted” to nature. A person, who does his best to achieve harmony of his body and soul and in so doing, wishes to stay young and healthy. Driven by a “set of procedures” such as therapeutic mud baths, volcanic minerals, plants, chocolate and honey his inner energy awakes in him. The man turns into a strong and resolute creature with a significant moment of clearing the body of “chemical and toxic waste”.


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