Bill Sager is Creative Buck

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I met Bill Sager at a photo shoot recently and was immediately impressed with his energy; positive and attentive, his creative direction; solid and confident, yet open to input from the photographer or stylists. Bill is part of the agency Bulldog Drummond in downtown San Diego. This boutique agency has a great sense of branding and design and is well respected in the world it plays in. I also had heard Bill was an artist on the side, so I took some time to head to his site he manages called Creative Buck. Upon arriving at his site I was absolutely blown away. Bill is not only an active part of the agency world, but his personal art is absolutely amazing. He blends graphic design with illustration on surfaces such as wood and masonite. His attention to detail allows for such an interesting experience as it almost feels as though you are dissecting an ancient script, or a scientific discovery. I personally love the mash-up of classic vintage imagery with modern mathematical line work. Bill has shown work at gallery’s such as Surfindian in Pacific Beach and I’m sure we will see his work more and more as he continues with his craft.


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