Pat Perry's Sketchbook

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It is known that as computers become the root of design in this modern age, the sketchbook gets left behind. I am a firm believer that all concepts should start with a pencil and paper. Your mind works in a different way and creativity, originality, and genius will have a chance to speak out if you just give them the time.

Pat Perry is someone who hasn’t forgot that art. His sketchbooks aren’t even a sliver of all the work he does, but they seem to be the beginning of most of it. I had the pleasure of working with Pat on a tee shirt collaboration with Reef and although we set a direction, Pat’s sketchbooks became the driving force of the project. With each set of drawings he sent, rough pencil lines told the story and the end result was breathtaking and better than I could have imagined. (we’ll feature it soon!)

Sometimes the process of conceptualization and drawing gets forgotten. This post is a homage to Pat’s sketchbooks and his creative genius behind the pencil.

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