Django Django

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Django Django‘s sound is as inventive as it is creative. It’s difficult to isolate their music to one specific genre – think Alt-J meets The Beatles infused with a little Hot Chip overshadowed by distinct flavor very much their own. At the core of their foundation are layers of rhythmic and psychedelic vocals and synths. Their music is upbeat and optimistic without being overly intense.

The Arabian influenced lyric-less “Skies over Cairo” take me back to my childhood and hours spent inside the world of Alladin’s Sega Genesis videogame. Dissimilar “Wor” is a race down dusty city streets of the wild-west, ambulance sirens adding to the accelerated, heightened lyrical progressions. Each song uniquely its own an enormous amount of variety and influences coming into play. Although slightly confusing and perhaps unsettling at times, the album is surprisingly cohesive – twisting and turning, no lack of imagination throughout. A sucker for country ballads, hymns and chants accompanied by hyptnotic beats – London’s Django Django is doing the trick.

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