Black Marble

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Last year, NASA announced that it had discovered 14 of the coldest stars it had ever recorded. The so-called “black marbles” were, at that time, listed among the coldest known stars in our universe. Cool to the touch and burning brightly out of the mysterious darkness, Black Marble are an excellent coldwave post-punk band that amazingly enough was not discovered by NASA.  The Brooklyn based duo of Chris Stewart and Ty Kube have put out some magic in their latest eleven song offering, A Different Arrangement, out on Hardly Art Records.

This album is a perfect blend of synth, Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) inspired bass, and Stewart’s pleasantly chilling vocals.  The song A Great Design is pure genius.  If I owned Disneyland, Black Marble’s A Different Arrangement would be the exclusive soundtrack for the best theme park ride of all-time, Space Mountain. That’s right, Space Fucking Mountain. Until that day, enjoy the tracks below, check them out on tour and buy their songs.


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