The Break

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The Break is Out of Los Angeles. They make insane boardshorts with pure function and style in mind, with a solid salute to classic nautical. Came across this article recently and loved what they had to say. Here is an excerpt from their interview with Racked

Racked: Tell us a little bit about the underside of your clothing labels, especially pertaining to the Mark Twain quote?

The Break: We decided to include the quote “Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good. God would permit us to be pirates”. Did you know that Mark Twain surfed? Twain spent 4 months in Hawaii in 1866. One day he took a wooden board to try his knack at surfing. “None but natives ever master the art of surf-bathing thoroughly”. Yes, that’s right. America’s most famous writer wiped out. We only thought it was fitting to use one of his quotes, because of his keen interest of the surf culture, and plus, the quote is rad!


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