Sustainable Fashion Concepts by Filippa K

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Sustainable Fashion by Filippa K

One of our favorite apparel brands, Filippa K has caught our attention with a recent announcement. The Swedish designer launched three new sustainable fashion projects. Here they are.

Filippa K Sustainable Fashion Projects launched 2015:

LEASE – allows customers to rent pieces from the latest collections instead of buying them. The program primarily addresses special occasion wear such as suits, dresses and accessories.
Find all the LEASE details here.

COLLECT – this one lets you return worn Filippa K garments for a 15% discount on new items in exchange. Your old items are either resold at Filippa K’s second hand store in Stockholm – or given to local aid organizations. (Word. Let’s see what the Berlin store manager says when I show up with my triple-butt-stitched 2009 Filippa K grey Jeans. I will report here.)
All details can be found in the COLLECT announcement.

FRONT RUNNERS – last month the label launched sustainable versions of their essentials – a jersey shirt, top and dress made of 100% renewable and organic fibres. The line is called “Long Lasting Simplicity”.
Through an in-depth research of the value chain (all the way from the cotton field to the “death” of the clothes by burning, and including all side effects and materials used down to the level of hang-tag pins) the company has identified a catalogue of 12 criteria that need to be fulfilled to qualify as sustainable.
According to their company statement, this marks the beginning of a continuous effort to expand holistic sustainability into more future collections.

Regardless of their success – these 3 are guaranteed to keep the debate going and further raise consciousness in fashion consumption.

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Sustainable Fashion by Filippa K

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