Killian Loddo

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Killian Loddo is a French Art Director, Graphic Designer and Fashion Designer currently working in Paris.  What caught my attention when looking at his work was the collection of fashion silks that he has been creating as of late.  The colors and shapes of the silks are amazing by themselves but Killian takes it even a step further in the creative process by designing the lookbook and vibe behind the collection as well.


With the dazzling visions that come after contemplating the sun, the eyes close and open on random, floating spots of color. Fantastic Goodbuy is a collection of four squares of silk conceived each as a composition of four instants that echo sensations past.” – Killian Loddo



From Identity to Entity is an autonomous publication following resulting from of a serie of photos. This publication blurs limits between commercial display, fashion photoshoot and art installation. The book is positionned as an inbetween object, playing around with the possibilities of the display of scarves and material all coming from inside rietveld academie. The book is edited on the thread of a love story, staged and verry directed but partly unfinished, a love for composition, manipulation of shapes, objects, visuals and a physical retained tension with the model. It is the expression of momentary passions and, the assertion of interests staged in a glass case, and the begining of an identity and landscape for my collections of scarves.” – Killian Loddo

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