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Theo Gosselin is one of my favorite photographers I’ve ever come across.

I say this boldly because besides the fact that there are a lot of photographers that are shooting in a raw, sun-flared style, Theo evoked so much emotion from me this morning that time stopped moving forward and I dove into a reminiscent state.

As I looked through his photos and Iron and Wine‘s song “Upward Over The Mountain” started playing on his website, I felt as though I was transported back in time as each image felt so authentic and nostalgic.

His subjects are beautiful but not all perfect and those imperfections and tranquil, sensitive, and peaceful moments go leaps and bounds to tell the story of love, connection, and a journey. I paused on so many images and really felt them; the feeling of laying with someone you just fell in love with, watching the sunset from a rooftop, a roadtrip, watching someone sleep.

I urge you to spend some time with these images and to feel them. I’m so thankful for photographers like Theo Gosselin, and I have bookmarked his site in my inspiration folder that I will be sure to call upon whenever I feel stuck and void of soft memories.

In order to really enjoy these images the way Theo intended, press play on the Soundcloud track below and then enjoy.

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theo gosselin_darkroom_witnessthis

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