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It was a late night, and I remember looking through some images of people on facebook, “facestalking” as we call it. I came across some images that made me pause, and as I flipped through them, I realized I was smiling from ear to ear. Photos of kids surfing, running on the beach, carrying boards, laughing, throwing shaka’s, smiling. This group of surfing kids had to be the happiest i’ve seen in my life. The next day, I received an email from two people named Tushar and Ishita from an organization in India called the Shaka Surf Club, I clicked on the link they sent me and there were the photos of those smiling kids. It was fate and not only do we want to share the photos with you, but also their message.

The Shaka Surf Club is all about freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow. We started The Shaka Surf Club to share our stoke of surfing with all the good folk who cross our wave-filled path. We welcome people, of all ages, hailing from all places, to come surf with us in India.

The Shaka Surf Club aims to promote the sport and culture of surfing in India. We wish to get more people in the water, by educating them about the ocean and dispelling fears of the ocean that are deep rooted in the Indian society. We try to combine humanitarian work with surfing and provide under-privileged youth with an opportunity to experience the joy of surfing.”

~  Shaka Surf Club, Manipal India

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