Borrego Mansion

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This cloud was so fucking lonely. I put it on the internet because the internet truly is the loneliest place.

The anticipation of roads like this kill me.

Best food in the desert and super good people.

I was walking around with a beer in hand, shooting the shit and literally watching other people shoot the shit out of some bottles.  I overheard someone say, “It’s Golden Hour…that magical light that all the photographers cream their pants over.”  I’m no photographer but figured I should grab the camera anyway to look like I know what photographers do and snapped a photo of this sun saturated mountainside.  Then I changed out of my shorts and into pants.  Not because I had Golden Hour cream in them but simply because the desert can be a cold bitch at night.

This dude Kevin is a good marksman and backed up his claims.  This bottle was probably 100 feet away and got popped on this shot.  I think people with glasses are cheaters.

When golfing with gasoline soaked balls, cooler heads prevail.  Sypniewski uses his everlasting ice cream headache acquired from a healthy pint-a-day ice cream diet to stay focused in the intense heat.

The Roman candle duel that was never quite a duel.

A passed out birthday boy awakes to the warm feeling of being surrounded by his best friends and the warmer feeling of being encircled by a ring of fire.  Look closely and you will see he’s throwing some horns to acknowledge the radness that occurred during his slumber.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Back To The Future Prius.

Doing an outing to the Borrego Mansion the right way.

Apocalyptic sunrise during an early morning peace-out.

A place between heaven and earth, Belinda Carlisle had it all wrong.

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