Eliot Lee Hazel

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Eliot Lee Hazel seems to embrace the mysterious. His photography is theatrical yet remains bare which is one of the reasons I was so drawn to his work. I began pulling images to feature after I came upon this L.A.-based photographer’s work last week, but I quickly realized that I had practically put aside his entire online portfolio.

In a way Eliot’s photos remind me of the old Stereoscopic apparatuses where you could look into them and they seemed like far off three dimensional worlds. The soft edges, arresting colors, and alluring subjects all add to the stories told through his camera.


Witness Eliot Lee Hazel selected works.

Eliot Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis9

Eliot Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis8

Eliot Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis6

Eliot Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis5

Eliot Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis4

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis3

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis2

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis17

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis16

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis15r

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis14

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis13

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis12

Eliot-Lee Hazel-Photography_witnessthis11

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