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Another amazing weekend in Berlin and yet another astounding DJ. I find myself at Kingsize, a small local bar/club in Mitte with some friends. The place is so packed you can’t really move without barely squeezing between dancing bodies to get where you want to go. Immediately we can feel that this night will be a special one, as we look around and not one person in the place is standing still.

Behind the glass in a small DJ area we find Marius Funk, a young established DJ who finds his home amongst the best clubs and parties in Berlin. It’s 1:30 am when we arrive at Kingsize and after three hours we promise ourselves we are leaving. Not a chance. Each time we try to leave another track drops and we keep dancing. Marius moves back and forth nodding his head with a sheepish smile on his face, as if to say, “Sorry everyone, you’re not going anywhere.”

When we finally make our way out of the door, Marius is still going without any sign of stopping. He has been playing for over five hours and he’s just as amazing as when he started. As the sun is rising over the city we pull on our jackets walking down the steps out into the fresh air. As we begin to make our way down the empty street, I flip up my collar to confront the chilly Berlin air and I realize I’m still moving my head back and forth, nodding to the music of Marius Funk still trapped in my head.


Enjoy his Ghost Dancer mix below, and make sure to listen to more from Marius on his soundcloud page.

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