TV Girl Mixtape

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San Diego pop duo TV Girl shows that internet mixtapes aren’t just for rappers and DJ’s.  This is one of the more fun and intelligent projects I have seen a band undertake in quite some time.  The mixtape perfectly captures the essence of the pop culture that band members Trung and Brad grew up in.

“After the success of our first two short EPs, we wanted to make something completely different. Something that was sprawling and ambitious and conceptual. So that’s what we did.

This record is our farewell love letter to sampling. As an unsigned band, we are in a unique position to take advantage of this legally nebulous practice, and we wanted to push that particular aspect of our songwriting to its logical extreme before changing courses. There are around 85 sampled elements in the mixtape, not including individual drum hits (but including full drum breaks). It’s a tribute to the music, TV, and Internet ephemera that has captured our hearts and minds as we composed it in our various bedrooms over the past year or so.”

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Download it in free internet mixtape fashion here.

Show your love by checking out TV Girl on tour this summer.

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