Sebastian Porter – Dirty Dolores EP

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Sebastian Porter is one of our favorite Berlin electronic music DJ affiliates. He is releasing his latest work ‘Dirty Dolores’ on Yellow Tail Records today.

The four track EP contains a David Keno remix, and collaborations with Jazzil, cellist Thiemo Niggemann, and Florian Finis on the guitar.

The result is very sexy, and will make you want to get that sweet butt of yours bouncin in no time. Tune in, and read below what Sebastian had to tell WITNESS THIS about the inspiration for these tracks.

Sebastian Porter ‘Dirty Dolores’ EP stream on WITNESS THIS.

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Well, the Dirty Dolores EP was put together of different tracks, all with individual moods and styles.

FABELHAFTE WELT DER ANOMALIE was one of those tracks that grew with time. When Thiemo visited to play a Cello part for another release we recorded some more takes of which I used some in the ‘Anomalie’. This track showcases my production style of the past year quite well, because like many other of my tracks it tells a story that only unfolds when listening to the complete piece. I feel that if you really let yourself fall into it it embraces you, you can bathe in it, and it creates sexiness.

DIRTY DOLORES is more focused and was developed conceptually as an add-on track for the EP. I wanted to do something more powerful again after I had released many melodic and gentle tracks before. The guitar recording with Florian Finis fit really great, and comes across really sexy in my opinion, especially in the break. For this one I always see bodies moving erotically on the dance floor before my inner eye.

6 A.M. was developed in collaboration with Jazzil, very ‘tooly’ and weird, which is usually not my fingerprint but I believe it’s good to show some diversity and so it made a great B-side. I already released some more poppy things. I like showcasing a certain artistic broadness instead of producing the same stuff over and over while still keeping a red line.”

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