Free Music Monday- "Lo-Fi Is The New High Five" A Mix by Doug Heine

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Bringing you free music every Monday. When I first downloaded it and started to listen, immediately I couldn’t help but smile, it’s a constant flow of amazing songs by artists whom mostly I didn’t know of. It has a great tempo that changes as you continue and whether it is the eerie beats of “Animal” by Baths or the upbeat anthem like track by Starfucker called “Julius” it all works together. Doug has an appreciation and knowledge for music that I have yet to see contested with. He is constantly going to shows, giving the same respect to the opening acts as he does the headliner, and always has an open mind to different genres unless they suck. Doug has taken up a creative business as of the last year, he professionally puts together mixes for restaurants, bars, and parties. If you ever find yourself eating at a cool atmosphere but you can’t get over how bad the music is, it might be a good idea to Contact Doug. People forget how important music is to an environment, it can be the defining factor in a party, restaurant or night club, Doug has the ability to make sure that element is never left un-thought of.

Instead of just dropping the mix, We thought it would be cool to ask our Free Music Monday Guru Doug a few questions.

Witness This: What is the best live show you’ve ever seen?

Doug Heine: radiohead cricket wireless amphitheater pit circa 2008 with steven walter. nothing even comes close. hi thom (wink).

Witness This: Explain Low Fi which is the title of your compilation.

Doug: My take on ‘lo-fi’ (low fidelity) in its relation to music and essentially all free-form art is becoming about making more with less. it allows the artist, in a sense, to create a more organic feel while venturing down new creative avenues. people get tired of the same shit. music nowadays is often over produced. lo-fi is the opposite, giving it a raw, gritty feeling. history and music have often acted like a pendulum and have always been mirrors of one another. society is adapting to the new ways of the world and realizing that maintaining a conscious relationship with one another is the only way to survive while using the brilliant advances of technology to drive us forward. a perfect symbolic balance of sorts. art clearly stems from this. things are swinging back towards this direction. people are learning how to efficiently use technological advances without becoming totally dependent on them. the talent is still there, probably even more so in a lot of ways. the sound itself is a bit distilled and carries a ‘distant’ feel to it as if you want to make sure both speakers are turned on. it often has an ’80’s’ feel, which the hipsters like…;) progressive simplicity. less is more again…thank god.

Witness This: Nice, okay so what’s your favorite song on the mix and why?

Doug: hmmm…tough one, but i will have to go with ”put the days away” by sun airway. cannot freaking stop listening to this track. great up and coming band out philly that a friend turned me on to. check out this vid, pretty cool and pretty lo-fi as well…

another track by Who Made Who. one of my favorites on the album.

and last but not least. One of the best mixes we’ve honestly listened to in a long time. Download it here.

and it always helps to keep the tracks in the order they were intended:

✓ The New Improved Hypocrisy 4:04 The Radio Dept.
✓ Golden Haze 3:25 Wild Nothing
✓ Reunite 3:56 Isbells Isbells
✓ Heart It Races 3:53 Dr. Dog
✓ Look At Me 3:46 Mirrors Demos
✓ Julius 3:49 Starfucker Julius
✓ Pigeons 3:29 The Hundred In The Hands The Hundred In The Hands
✓ Tablasaurus 3:13 Bear Hands Burning Bush Supper Club
✓ Keep Me In My Plane 3:48 Who Made Who The Plot
✓ He Would Have Laughed 7:29 Deerhunter Halcyon Digest
✓ Put The Days Away 4:54 Sun Airway Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier
✓ On Your Side 3:08 The Radio Dept. Never Follow Suit
✓ Aminals 3:20 Baths Cerulean Electronic
✓ Hey Cool Kid 3:13 Cloud Nothings
✓ Nothing But Our Love 4:06 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Horse Power Ep
✓ Drain You 3:37 Horse Feathers Drain You b/w Bonnet of Briars
✓ It’s Alright 3:28 Junip Fields Alternative
✓ Pastures 3:18 Oscar & The Wolf Bony Weather
✓ One Day 4:44 Sharon Van Etten Epic

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