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I honestly don’t know how Evan Voytas has stayed so under the radar.  I mean, he did a music video last year featuring Kate Moss.  The man is a machine – part fashion icon, part music genre blending magician, full artist.  Maybe LA and the music world aren’t ready for such a non-conforming master of trades who is true to himself.

Today Evan releases Feel Me, his first release on Dovecote Records.  You can stream the release through soundcloud to partake in the magic.  These five swooning electro pop tracks are the perfect songs for carefree fun.  My favorite track through the first couple listens has to be “You Don’t Even Know Where It’s At” which resembles quite possibly what may have happened if Fleetwood Mac and Prince got together.

I feel that there would be more good music out there if artists didn’t let their projected “image” get in the way of their true artistic endeavors.  Evan wants you to let down your ‘cool front’ and embrace the fun loving, dorky person you are.  This is a calling for less contrived image and more unadultared free spiritnes. Feel me?

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1368001″ height=”200″]

Purchase Feel Me in Vinyl here or Digital format here for a mere $5.

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