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South London based Captured Tracks quintet Dignan Porch recently released Deluded, an eight track lo-fi gem.  The lyrics are honest and raw, mainly about the scorn and celebration of everyday life and romanticism. The sound is the perfect balance of melodic harmony and fuzzy disorganization of guitar feedback that mimic the ups and downs of everyday life.

I’ve been listening to the track “Like It Was Again” repeatedly and haven’t felt such a strong connection to a song in quite some time.  It’s basically a journey into the inner thought and fantasy of someone thinking that they can single-handedly bring back the passion and fire of a relationship that has ended.  The listener knows it’s not going to work out, but the thought and passionate call to action is romantic in itself.  It’s as if the narrator will actually find themselves through this journey and in the end it’s not at all about getting back together with their ex-love.

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“I’m gonna call her up and make it like it was. When she answers her voice will be curious. All our conversations will be spontaneous. When I hang up it will be back to like it was.  It’s fortunate that we have woken up and remembered to love each other. And when I think of her I won’t be jealous, I’ll make everything just like it was.”

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Band Members:
Joe Walsh – Vocals, Guitar
Sam Walsh – Guitar
Ben Goodwin – Bass
Philippa Bloomfield – Drums
Hayley Akins – Vocals, Keyboard

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