Caged Animals

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Damn, I’ve been playing this one all weekend.  If you’ve ever loved, chances are you’ve come across a few people who just couldn’t be loved.  Whether it was their insecurities or them simply not being into you, Caged Animals perfectly capture this feeling in their song Teflon Heart.  This song speaks to the optimistic hurt of trying to fix your life “projects” into loving you and finally realizing that in life you’re only in control of yourself.  From the introductory bassline, the combination of happy/sad lyrics, snappy drums and even quirky sound effects and choruses…this song has it all.

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Caged Animals is Vincent Cacchione (vocals, guitar), Magali Charron (keyboard, backing vocals), Talya Cacchione (bass), and Pat Curry (drums).  We’ve enjoyed their self-titled album since it was released in July 2010 and are anxiously awaiting the release of  their next album Eat Their Own in the coming months.  More music below.


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