Nostalgia by Judith Veenendaal

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NOSTALGIA made my day. It’s a powerful short film that can be best described as poetry in motion. And it’s been the first in a while to give me goosebumps.

Words would fail and do more damage than good here. I’ll let you soak up these beautiful impressions and make of it whatever comes up for you.

Director Judith Veenendaal must have had similar thoughts when creating this piece. When researching her website there is no description found for this gem other than three words –
‘A visual poem’.


Witness ‘Nostalgia’ by Judith Veenendaal.

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Director | Judith Veenendaal
DOP | Noel Schoolderman
Written and spoken by Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly
Music | Adam Taylor
Focus Puller | Alyssa van Veen
Production/1st AD | Hidde Koppen
Production Assistent | Tom Knol
Art Direction | Arion de Munck en Mark Ridder

Sounddesign | Adrian Vrijhoef en Daniel Sillem
VO recording | Carlos Dalla-Fiore

Editing | Judith Veenendaal & Noel Schoolderman
Grading | George Balatoni
VFX | Dave de Vaal


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