Black City Lights

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I received an email a while back from a friend asking WT to feature Black City Lights on Music Monday and although it’s a bit later down the road, I am carrying through that request. Black City Lights is too good to ignore for too long.

Representing Welland, New Zealand, the Kiwi duo Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr, a producer/vocalist combo have our attention in a big way. I hear an almost Marina and the Diamonds vocal range, but Black City Lights has more weight in my opinion, and is less about power hungry female vocals, and more about a perfected blend of synth, and ambient layering and Julia’s voice. Producer Calum Robb opens a lot of the tracks with eerie soundscapes that force you to stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, and stare out the window.

I have lost myself in the track Get Away more recently and without having to say anything else, as the music speaks for itself, we present you Black City Lights.

Make sure you listen to the rest of the album below and purchase it directly from their soundcloud. A huge thank you to record label Stars and Letters from Williamsburg for sharing another amazing band with us and the world.

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