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We love a good t-shirt and Le Beau makes damn fine t-shirts. There has been a buzz building around a recent line of tees made for girls and guys designed in New York and produced in Los Angeles. Photographer Nicholas Routzen is the mastermind behind the line. He tells us he not only took most of the photos featured on the tees, but he also designed the line himself taking into account cut and material to insure an absolutely flawless tee. His inspiration comes from immersing himself in the world of fashion and design, which he does everyday (he is a well-known photographer based in New York). It can be hard to really know what apparel looks and feels like by seeing it online, so we sent out for our favorite tee from the selection and test drove it ourselves.


Perfect. The tee arrives in 2 days, one day before it was expected to. When we open it, it’s wrapped in a classic black paper. It already feels premium.


One of our favorite aspects of the tee has to be the attention to detail. The interior neck screen print is impeccable, it’s design speaks to high fashion in the typography, but references clean contemporary in the black x. Size callouts are a simple black tag on the inside which keeps things simple. Even the hang tag feels impressive. The design on the front looks even better in person, and the screen print is solid and looks to have been produced with care.



This is probably the most important part and in the case of this tee, it’s by far it’s best asset. We have to admit we were a bit skeptical when we saw that the tees are made to fit girls and guys and maintain the same cut throughout, however in the case of Le Beau’s custom blank design, it’s obvious Nick did his homework. It fits perfectly; loose, but complimenting the neckline and stays fitted to the body without ballooning out. Casual but sophisticated seems to be the verdict here.


Soft as hell and buttery to the hand. It’s a pleasure to wear this with layers or by itself as it breaths but isn’t too thin. The tees are all made from 100% Modal and they are preshrunk. Modal is a type of rayon that is resistent to shrinking or fading and is a bit thinner then most cotton spun fabrics.

Overall we were really excited by what we have seen so far. Check out some photos of extremely good looking people wearing Le Beau and make sure to check out their online store. 


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