Steven Lippman - Odland

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One of the best editorial shoots I’ve seen this year. Steven Lippman blows us away with Odland, featured in shockingly beautiful Malibu Magazine (I know right?). Horses and girls, far from cheesy, sculptural and on trend, from gorgeous tattoos to Tarantino frame grabs. See more of his stunning work here.

Witness Steven Lippman’s ODLAND.

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-9

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-10

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-6

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-7

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-8

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-4

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-5

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-2

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis-3

steven lippman_odland__darkroom_witnessthis

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