Natural Female Beauty Captured by Bleeblu (NSFW)

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Photography by Bleeblu

Bleeblu aka Mark Harless caught my attention with his 170k+ Instagram followers and an impressive collection of the most natural portrait photography of women I’ve seen in a while.

His models are stunning, and outright represent what I consider the essential human definition of beauty—perfect imperfection. Bleeblu’s work displays an enormous amount of sensitivity. His greatest skill is probably that he manages to portray the women vulnerable, confident and strong at the same time.

Check out my curation below or hit Bleeblu’s Insta profile to follow what might be one of the finest feeds about girls out there at the moment. This is worth the while because Bleeblu’s visual poetry often comes with captions that are on par with the quality and originality of the picture. Enjoy.

Ein von Mark Harless (@bleeblu) gepostetes Foto am

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