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I like to present excerpts from a recent art submission today. The photo project is called “With All This Darkness Round Me I Feel Less Alone”, thought out and executed by Armenian-born visual artist Lucie Khahoutian.

The project centers on the question of what we have to give up by dedication to another human being. The half-conceptual, half-experimental project consists of 52 photos that form a kind of storyline. I’m showcasing my favorite images here. Head over to Lucie’s project site to see the full narrative.

There’s more impressive art showcases on the collective website for you to check out >>

lucie khahoutian

“At the crossroads of religious rituals and psychotic behaviors, this story narrates a slow but certain plunge into dementia. Going from one step to another in this degradation process, we are witnessing how human dedication impacts on its well-being.”

lucie khahoutian

lucie khahoutian

“Here we stage a wedding, a marriage, the utmost human alliance in the eyes of God. The union of soulmates, leads to a spiritual connexion, and twins alike, not to the same person divided into two, but two distinct ones, doomed to be prisoners of a single mind.”

lucie khahoutian

lucie khahoutian

“The timid human figure is fading, becoming the shadow of its former self, taking on the appearance of a ghost, maybe.”

lucie khahoutian

lucie khahoutian

“Our protagonists are now shapeless, passive forms fading without a blink, they never really see what is happening. They’ve become the shadows of forgotten ancestors.”

lucie khahoutian

lucie khahoutian_30

lucie khahoutian_36

lucie khahoutian_37

“The isolated duo strangely is weakened instead of fortified and struggles to communicate in the muttering of Babel’s tower. We are helplessly witnessing the fall of individuality and the insanity emerged from seclusion.”

lucie khahoutian_39

lucie khahoutian_41

lucie khahoutian_42

lucie khahoutian_43

lucie khahoutian_46

lucie khahoutian_49

“In the most absolute harmony we could not hide from solitude.
Could we then be alone together?”

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