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Shortly after the release of our first feature about DarkAngelØne I was stoked to find an email from the artist in my mailbox thanking me for the nice words and publicity.

An inspiring conversation began, during course of which George offered me to publish some of his animated art GIFs as exclusives here on the blog. I was impressed and humbled having earned that trust. But from there it got even more impressive.

I was mind-blown to find out that the creator of the animations that are keeping the internet community on its toes lately is in fact visually impaired. Yes, George RedHawk a.k.a. DarkAngelØne is legally blind. He works with a complex structure of apparatuses to use his PC workstation, and to connect with the world digitally.


“My art is made with the idea to disturb and challenge the visual senses.”
– DarkAngelØne

“Every person who is visually impaired has their own unique issues with what they can and cannot see (vision being so complex)”, George told me, “I am fortunate that with the help of visual aides, functions and softwares found in computers to help the visually impaired, I’m able to function online pretty well. The computer is an environment that can be controlled, size, lighting, contrasts, etc. can be adjusted to suit my needs, my morphing software has a magnification box, without this feature, none of this would be possible. I can pretty much control the 2 feet in front of my face in a computerized world, but the real world? Not so easy.”

His impairment and his art are actually related, George continued, “as I began making GIFs from a desire to show the world as I see it from my damaged vision, “The World Through My Eyes”. I never did get it quite right, but along the way, I discovered some pretty cool effects, and some of my art is made with the idea to disturb and challenge the visual senses.”

WITNESS THIS is proudly presenting George’s latest animated art GIFs exclusively today, together with a joint message from the artist.

This feature is dedicated to encourage every disabled person out there to pursue their passion. Let DarkAngelØne’s dreamlike worlds be an inspiration and reminder that there is purpose and meaning for the talent living in each and every one of us.

01photo by chritoph kostun_headpiece by Yvonne Reichmuth of YVY_model_priselle_reverse

02photo by chritoph kostun_headpiece by Yvonne Reichmuth of YVY_model_priselle_reverse

03sonja baumel

04antony gormley_reverse

06photo by Beethy Photography_model-Vera chimera

08photo by Marc Lamey_model-Audrey Dufour_reverse

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10Ellias Faas

11Matthieu Bourel

12antonio mora

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