Dirty 30 Mix Vol1. by Fresh & Sunny

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photos: Douglas Heine


fresh and sunny is the collaboration of two like minded dj’s. ‘freshair’ and ’78 and sunny’. hence, fresh and sunny. fresh and sunny is playing dj music for people who don’t like dj’s…and for most who do. a cross blend  of indie electro-funk jams that make you remember/realize that the party is just getting started. these guys have their ears to the streets and to the decks. look out for these guys.

you are welcome for partying.

this mix was inspired by the gathering of goodness that happened during our ‘occupy murietta’ session for a friends 30th birthday party in which the 1950’s era was the theme. the 50’s music bled into more current jams and a dance floor full of frisky bodies as the night went on and these are some of our favorites from the eve. more of a auditory time stamp  to bring back a little morsel of the amazing energy of that weekend.

download the mix here: 

Fresh & Sunny – Vol. 1 – DR’s Dirty 30 by 78 and Sunny

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