Jenny Odell 'Satellite Collections'

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In a relatively short period of time man’s desires to create and consume have changed the landscape of the world. From up above, this change is even more apparent. Powerplants, farms, stadiums, landfills, and swimming pools are common, identifiable sights from satellite images taken 300-600 miles above earth.

Jenny Odell has taken these common sights from Google Maps satellite images, clipped them out and arranged them in a way to draw attention to the things we create. Her series Satellite Collections showcases things that are common in all cultures across the world. From this satellite vantage that most likely none of us will ever see with our own eyes, these common items begin to represent humanity as a whole to the outside universe.

Witness Jenny Odell ‘Satellite Collections’.

Every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan

WitnessThis-Jenny Odell-Satellite-Collections-basketball

206 Circular Farms

WitnessThis-Jenny Odell-Satellite-Collections-circularfarms

1,378 Grain Silos, Water Towers, and Other Cylindrical-Industrial Buildings

WitnessThis-Jenny Odell-Satellite-Collections-grain_silos

39 Landfills

WitnessThis-Jenny Odell-Satellite-Collections-landfills

137 Landmarks


144 Empty Parking Lots


104 Airplanes


295 Roadside Signs


195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Lines, Tankers and Other Ships


120 Stadiums


125 Swimming Pools


10 Waterslide Configurations


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