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Aaron Campbell is a Vancouver-based digital artist with a “soft spot for gradients”.

I found him through a cool feature on Abduzeedo that particularly praised his interpretation of clouds.
What? Yes, CLOUDS!

Being a big fan of clouds myself I couldn’t help but research this guy, and I’d like to present some more of his works here because he’s simply an amazing digital artist beyond those liquid cloud drops that are so evocative of thick jelly pouring from the purple skies in his cartoon world. I’m totally in love with his style and the stories he tells in this surreal fantasy realm of his.

Enjoy his art below, and make sure you pay a visit to Aaron’s website and follow him through
facebook | deviantART | Behance.

Aaron Campbell “Collector”

Aaron Campbell's

Aaron Campbell's

Aaron Campbell's
“Cheese The Dog Pt. 2”

Aaron Campbell's

Grandpa is angry.
“My new little buddy”

Aaron Campbell's

Aaron Campbell's
“Digitalia Pt. 1: Discovery”

Digitalia Pt.2: Privacy
“Digitalia Pt.2: Privacy”

Digitalia Pt.3: Obsession digital artwork in cartoon style. Fantasy creature addicted to social media.
“Digitalia Pt.3: Obsession”

Manifest digital cartoon style artwork.

Acrylic. Acrylic paint tube.

Paparazzi digital artwork.“Paparazzi”

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