Trippy Warped Faces Collage Art by @dromsjel

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Wow. Berlin-based artist Dromsjel aka Pierre Schmidt uses old people photography—often celebrating the female silhouette—and warps their anatomy with surreal elements of nature. The results are mind-blowing collages with a distinct vintage feel taking you on a trip to the subconscious.

Good trip or bad trip—ain’t that just in the eye of the beholder?

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Slavoj Žižek about nightmare: Nightmare is not simply horror, not simply anxiety, not simply tension. in the nightmare there is always an ambiguity of border-crossing, of externalisation, where you meet an object that emerges from your deepest inside. let's take an object like saliva in your mouth: it's not disgusting/horrible, you can swallow it, no problem. Now, try to do something very simple, spit it out, on some outside surface, and then try to lick it off, swallow it again,all of a sudden it becomes extremely disgusting, although, it's not another person's saliva, you know it very well, it's yours. now imagine on the same level your most secret objects of your fantasies, your most secret dreams, by which your whole psychic identity is structured. But precisely because they are so known/intimate to you, you don't dare to confront them directly. So this is precisely what you do confront in a nightmare. #drømsjel

Ein von Pierre Schmidt (@dromsjel) gepostetes Foto am

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