'Sequence' by Carles Torrens

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Sequence by Carles Torrens

How would you feel if you woke up one day, only to find out that every living person on this planet had dreamt about you?

I woke up with a shitty mood today, and Carles Torrens just raised my vibe by answering this question. His award-winning short flick SEQUENCE is a fun thrill ride, and one of the cleverest, most entertaining shorts I’ve seen on the web lately.

Its fast-paced story-telling never lets you down one second. The cast is awesome – the main character’s face is simply priceless – while even the conclusion convinced me, and made me laugh out loud.

Enough said, watch for yourself.

VIEWER ADVISORY: this video contains strong violence/gore. If you are not into scary movies then click here to find something more tranquilo for your senses. Everybody else…

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