Ralf Brueck 'Distortion'

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Ralf Brueck impressed me with a photo series the other day.

The work that goes by the title ‘DISTORTION’ was created from 2010 to 2014. The artist statement describes the concept as extracted tonal elements “which are part of the digital texture of the images and changed by premeditated manipulation.”

In my own terms, I’d say Ralf takes out single elements of the photos – which by their own are incredibly impressive pieces – and ‘distorts’ them. The result is puzzling, and creates comfortable illusions to lose yourself in.

Sometimes elements are manipulated rather obviously, enabling you to locate the origin of the tonal distortion. And sometimes Ralf seems to prefer to leave us with only the effect of a ghostly apparition – like a mirage in the desert sun.

Enjoy my favorite curation of his art below. For more of his works check Ralf’s website.

ralf brueck distortion

Ralf Brueck Distortion

Ralf Brueck distortion

ralf brueck distortion

r. brueck distortion

R. Brueck Distortion

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