Justin Sullivan

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It’s impossible to ignore what Justin Sullivan is doing with his camera. Justin is LA based and shoots fashion, lifestyle, and still life’s that are bold, clean, impactful and sexy. His color palette seems to channel an edgier part of LA, where deep set eyes, eerie with missed nights of sleep, stare vacantly at the camera and it’s a mystery as to how the six packs emerged from gym-less, cigarette smoking bodies. His work is diverse so make sure to check out more of it here.

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-9

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-10

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-2

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-3

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-4

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-5

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-6

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-7

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-8

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis

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