Babes in Borrego

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Words by Ashmore Bodiford / Babes Ride Out Co-Founder / Instagram: @ashmore

Images by Lanakila MacNaughton / Womens Moto Exhibit / Instagram: @fevvvvaa


“We never expected over 50 motorcycles to show up. We never expected girls to come out from New York, Portland, Phoenix, Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and more. We never expected it to be this much fun.

It started with a conversation with my friend Anya. She has a crazy enthusiasm and positivity about her which makes for a perfect planning partner. We picked a weekend, location, and started a word press blog called Babes Ride Out. Together, we encouraged girls through Instagram to email us their story and a photo so we could get to “know” each other prior to the trip. We didn’t know the stories would flood in so fast but they did.  Each story was well written and inspiring. I think we both laughed and cried reading the pitfalls, the excitement, the frustration, but at the end of the day the will to want to get out and ride a motorcycle is what brings us together.

On October 5th we pulled into the meet-up spot and were stunned. 51 bikes had gathered, 1 RV, 2 vans, and chase trucks were all present and ready. Excitement filled the air as girls were meeting and talking for the first time face to face.  The bikes varied as much as the riders did. There was no skill set unrepresented as some girls had never left their neighborhoods mixed with girls who had ridden cross country. It was an electric feeling that Anya and I will never forget.

We will let Babes Ride Out and the hashtag #babesinborrego on instagram speak for itself. The thing to take away from this is that you can do it too. We would not have had nearly as many riders if the girls had not rallied and promoted #babesinborrego leading up to the camp out. To those girls, all the girls, thank you. You have a reach and enthusiasm that is immeasurable. Your excitement is the reason this event was so successful and we are truly grateful.

If any ladies out there are planning a ride, email us. We’d love to put it up on our blog and support it.”

Witness the ‘Babes In Borrego’ girls ride out:

Girls Ride Out Girls Ride Out Girls Ride Out Girls Ride Out Girls Ride Out Girls Ride Out

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