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Photography by Alexandra Vacaroiu

I came across Alexandra Vacaroiu’s work last week and was immediately enamored. She hails from Romania and is currently studying photography and film at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. When we asked her about her work, she told us, “I’m more interested in recreating scenes from dreams or photographs with a dream-like atmosphere. The aim is to transcend the limit between reality and imagination.”

“Usually, people experiment dreams in an unconscious estate, alone. A dream cannot be dreamed in two or more people. This is a very personal travel, an escape from mundane that can become collective if expressed through art. I am interested in this realm because , since childhood, I had very intense dreams, colorful, and they always left me with a strong sensation of experiencing another reality, even for short term.

Dreams are nothing more than manifestations of subconscious, but even bearing this in mind, my fascination continued for years. I have expressed my soft spot for this theme in writings and most of all photography. My series , “ Constellations”, exhibited at National Peasant Museum, in Bucharest, is comprising my theory with a universe within and interconnection, all expressed in a dream-like atmosphere.”

Alexandra’s projects have been selected by United Creativity organization and resulted in an exhibition in Krakow and London, with the aid of Warsaw Cultural Institute. Make sure you visit her site for more breathtaking work.

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