Andrew Zbihlyj

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Andrew describes his work as “A mildly convoluted mix of traditional and digital collage techniques incorporating loose inks, tight pencils, found photography, acrylic paints, various chemicals and occasionally a bit of fire.”

Zbihlyj hails from the UK and his art is as intricate as his last name, you pronounce his last name “zi-bee-lee”.

Upon first seeing his work I was hooked and spent a long while lost in his pen lines. Check out some of my favorites from his last series and make sure to check out more on his site.

Witness Andrew Zbihlyj selected works.

Andrew Zbihlyj _witness this_art-4

Andrew Zbihlyj _witness this_art-5

Andrew Zbihlyj _witness this_art-6

Andrew Zbihlyj _witness this_art-7

Andrew Zbihlyj_witness this_art-2

Andrew Zbihlyj_witness this_art-3

Andrew Zbihlyj_witness this_art

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